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self by christania7 self :iconchristania7:christania7 1 0 lady hope by christania7 lady hope :iconchristania7:christania7 0 1
shake me up and weigh me down
strip me of these heavy gowns
bathe my feet in honeyed oils
save me from my rotten spoils
down the road my steps have taken me
dirt and stone taken the place of bone
the setting sun has opened my eyes to see
as the world in darkness is a place of drones
my mind is clear, the shackles gone
enlightened anew, imagination spawned
mine is a journey now fresh and clean
to a path few others can say they've seen
:iconchristania7:christania7 2 7
dark winds,
a rush of steel clouds,
a downpour of acid tears-
and a flower in the midst.
howls roar over it
cowering, wilting under
the strain of a million little needles- all prickling its sweetest depths.
the softness- its unblossomed courage,
stricken down, bleeding in a chaos of hurts.
confusion wracks it-
innocence won't allow it to accept the lies it must live with.
an infected symphony starts to play,
its poisoned melody creeping
into the drooping stem,
corsing through its once nourishing veins.
the roots begin the inevitable rot.
a stench arises- polluting the air with a greater evil still.
the darkness deepens.
a winter sky- an icy chill that
comes without a star.
the sickly moon is veiled in shadow-
a shadow ever creeping, slowly,
painfully slow, bringing a bitter end to life.
the ground turns to stone
a hardened picture of what might have been.
a harmony accompanies this song-
strengthening with each loss- with
each hideous betrayal of beauty and truth.
the rain ends, but a
:iconchristania7:christania7 1 2
the spider
spider tangled up in your own web of lies
the flies swarm to taunt you-
master of your own demise.
fool in the darkness of your seething belly,
put on that false, crooked smile now,
let the fraying strings lick you on the wind.
cry your hissing laughter-
a mockery of true joy;
dew drops mingle with spit as you splutter curses of hatred.
caged in your own torture device-
and there are holes in your bones.
the icy wind sings through them as the flies' swarm grows larger.
to the west the sun rises on this day of irony
and as a gray dawn envelopes the world,
the eastern moon is blue.
:iconchristania7:christania7 3 6
rest my head on a bed of stones
roses float above me
a cascading crimson rain upon a golden sky.
the sun sets on this final day of reverie,
surrendering to the night of reality.
before the gloomy dawn of your planned life
breaks- shattering these bloated clouds like
it shears the threads of your dreams to pixy dust-
one last moment is yours.
the petals upon your shining face turn to butterflies,
whispering sighs of cinnamon that turn to stars,
they make their journey to the heavens, and tonight you shall not
:iconchristania7:christania7 1 2
i don't want to feel.
i don't want to see.
i want to be buried beneath stones-
pulled under,
sucked in to the ocean's fury.
i do not want your stares-
your cold words and icy tongue,
a torture to my soul.
i want to leave you- i want to leave the earth.
i do not belong here anymore
i have lost my place in this world
my one plea is to vanish- melt away and be forgotten.
do not think of me.
do not touch me.
do not speak of me.
i am my own and i choose to leave.
:iconchristania7:christania7 3 2
i am a rebel owl-
cursing the night and waking to the sunrise.
hooting to no one,
defying primal needs to hunt the scurries below.
i soar to the light
as bright as bright.
eyes unblinking in its rays of gold
but ever widening-
drinking in the sight of dawn and dusk and life awakening.
no longer a creature of darkness,
a sorrowful warning of doom to wanderers
in this forest of doubt.
this body was made for a higher purpose,
these wings were meant to fly.
:iconchristania7:christania7 2 4
she held the winter in her veins,
a child able to count her years on her
yet unstained finger tips.
a heart teeming in a silent rage
and masked with innocent laughter.
greedy with a lust for warmth,
for any sign of affection,
for a lie to hide her truth.
a quiet girl.
a lonely girl.
a violent soul.
wishing on plastic neon stars
and living in a dream of escape.
a stench of musk filling the lungs
inside a heaving chest
waiting for the nightmares to end.
locked in a frenzy of confusion
bright lights, crowded rooms, ugly staring eyes.
mockingly embraced in arms
that would just as easily crush her.
slick words of a honeyed tongue
whispering in tiny ears;
delusional tales of a dark future without hope
or love.
one more pure heart darkened before its time.
a retched filth ever growing in her mind,
its creeping arms stretching farther than the
imagination can bear to go.
that girl is now lost.
grown and yet still a little girl in chains
screaming to be released.
:iconchristania7:christania7 1 9
welcome home
breathe in the last of a foreign life
clothed in cloud, you make your way home
a tattered bag in your hand
holding the trials of the journey
that is about to end-
and the new quest that its ending shall begin.
familiar waters kiss your eyes in welcome
a forgotten warmth brushes your skin,
tingles your toes in anticipation of life.
a hand reaches from across the rows,
the touch of one who knows;
your rock in the storm you have conquered together.
faces dry- you have shed all your tears.
and land.
you are home.
:iconchristania7:christania7 1 2
sun beams breaking upon the
horizon- a star is born this day.
a symphony of angel voices
caress the earth in joy.
laughter holds the world in its tender
palm, a touch to heal the deepest hurts.
in a whirlwind of happiness we falter on the brink-
between knowledge and foolishness,
faith and arrogance,
trust and forgetfulness.
caught up in this torrent of content
and every dream fulfilled.
a bitter chuckle of knowing desire without
bonds- a heart that ever fills but is never satisfied.
smarts without intelligence
invention without caution
passion without love.
the catacomb of our fears grows as it
holds them- only awaiting the day to spill over into
the world of "ask and you will receive."
is it wisdom to banish grief?
is it right to live without anger or hurt?
can the world comprehend peace?
could an animal live without violence?
we are creatures of emotion
we only know loss- and that is the only way
we cherish love.
love is loss.
love is pain.
love can be a violent and raging storm.
:iconchristania7:christania7 0 3
the dawn
it awaits the dawn,
the time of hope,
the split second before rebirth;
it waits.
for light must come with darkness,
laughter with tears,
and faith with dread;
it waits.
its able claws reaching
a hideous shadow in the morning's
pale light
its wretched mouth frothing with slime;
a mockery of the innocent pleasure of dew.
it waits.
the moment is approaching-
a time when the spirit quakes
when doubt wrestles the heart to dust,
when the blackest night seems infinitely closer
than the promise of sunshine.
its groping hand protrudes from its cavernous prison of lies
the guttural screeches of hatred spewing from its mouth
like pests.
its time has come.
and with a spark like lightning it holds the earth in its power;
the tempest of mens' hearts in the clutches of demons,
thunders raging with the strength to bring down mountains
are their cries.
a trecherous arm, a thing of nightmares,
pushing away the sun and crushing the moon's gentle brightness.
winds howl across the lands,
ripping forests fr
:iconchristania7:christania7 4 17
redirect my path
show me the way
lead me out of this darkness-
this putrid reek that i have sunk into.
light a star upon my feet.
moon, come out and greet me in my lonliness-
i am a wanderer in my fear
choosing to lose my way in hesitation,
allowing a bitter end,
finding comfort in despair. for happiness
is infinitely more terrifying, excruciating.
but i am withering in this storm of indecision.
i am crying out in my mistake,
my own mistake that has multiplied into many.
i have fallen into the deepest hole,
my own hands its maker.
oh, star
please, i am crying out to you
can you hear amid the thunder?
save me from myself
light the way to hope.
my bloody feet can no longer take this strain
i have pushed them beyond what they can give.
rest is my hope and my pride's undoing;
lead me to a shelter beyond my imaginations
beyond the blackness of my dreams
i surrender to your guidance
i surrender.
:iconchristania7:christania7 1 2
there is a river
there is a river and it is filled
with tears
there is a mountain
there is a mountain and it was made
by the love of the creator
a waterfall
a waterfall leaps to the river
forsaking the love
the comfort
the protection
of the mountain
it leaps with an urgency
knowing not its peril
for rivers run to streams
streams will dry out
for rivers run to oceans
oceans so big
terrifying oceans
with their unknown depths
oceans with their freedom
a mountain
a river
and a waterfall
:iconchristania7:christania7 0 0
take notice
when you see the tears
in my eyes
take notice of the little things
the twitch in my hands
the sorrow on my lips
the burden in my step
see me
let my silence scream in your ear
see me
know my pain and hold me
take the signs i give you
see my weakness
not my false strength
hear my lies and know them
be my protector as i falter
know me
for what i am
don't let me transparent.
:iconchristania7:christania7 0 2
night falls
and without a star
she sits and waits
heart pounding
eyes searching
sleep creeps
ensnaring all living things
in its path
she shudders to shake
off the shadow
the fear of an
unconscious dream
a cobweb in the mind
an open door to the
deep waters of a
long-drowned soul
sick with the murk
the reek
of a rotting life of pain
of regret
of lost love and hope
but what of faith?
a gleam passes
a shadow is blown aside
sparks dancing through
the heavens
a firery glow is being
kindled in the darkness
a ray of life shines through
the mist
the fog rolls back to reveal
a dome of beauty
a loving blanket
swaddling the world in
a reborn hope
a new dawn of life reaffirmed
a tear rolls down her cheek-
the water of life-
:iconchristania7:christania7 0 3

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The Purge
Every waking moment filled with the stench of death
Every second it's harder to take in another breath
I can feel the weakness in my bones
I walk into the street only to be stoned
Scorned by love and taken by hate
I just want this world to recreate
I want to get myself clean, purge this world of atrocities
I want to break free but I'm still begging, please
Make it all stop, this pain is too much
Suicide would be real if it weren't for the crutch
I have to lean, I cannot stand
I have no strength to lift even my hand
Against myself the battle still rages
They think it's funny, they put me on stages
They sit and they laugh, they gorge and they drink
It's a pity no one ever stops for a moment to think
To step back and see what this place is made of
It's all shadows and darkness, where is the love
What am I if not a solitary soul
What am I if I cannot play my role?
The burning of flesh, the blood red of wine
Filling the air weaving a design
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Turning from ED

I once saw my bones
They shone through the night
Like stars, they were beautiful
But I was a sight
'Clinically Skinny'
It doesn't mean a thing
When all you see is fat
Underneath your taut skin

But now that I'm healing
Recovering, dealing
My waistline expanding
My guilt is demanding
It's so hard to cope
But not giving up hope
One day I'll be me
Whoever that may be

The black dizzy shakes
Say it wasn't too much
The sharp bitter cold
Burn calories with touch
I wanted to float
Away from the pain
Become like the air
No thoughts to contain

But now that I'm healing
Recovering, dealing
My waistline expanding
My guilt is demanding
It's so hard to cope
But not giving up hope
One day I'll be me
Whoever that may be

Disappearing like air
Up and away
Away from my body
And the pains of the day
They tortured my soul
Made life but a show
But my coping destroyed
Finally, I know

But now that I'm healing
Recovering, dealing
My waistline expanding
My guilt is demanding
It's so hard t
:iconpyrox666xpheebs:Pyrox666xPheebs 8 6
“Recovery” is learning how to say “I will never miss an opportunity to eat a Choco Taco” while on an outing with the friends who throw worried glances in your face every time you all sit down to eat. Choco Taco; it says on the package, This is not a reduced fat food. You throw a worried glance at yourself, choke the thing down. Try not to look like you’re enjoying this more than a sane human being would. Walk back into the sunlight, drink another 24-ounce bottle of water, walk and walk and walk like a woman possessed. Linger by the Chilean flamingos, talk to them as though they can hear you.
“Recovery” is taking a shower at one in the afternoon and finally putting in your contacts. It is looking in the mirror, watching your hair dry to that classic anorexic poof, and realizing with horror that you have gained weight, that your face is fat, that your arms are fat, that your legs are, once again, each the size of a small hippo. There is nothing you can
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christina hill.
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: florida, us
Favourite genre of music: i like a little of everything
Favourite photographer: oo.
MP3 player of choice: iPod.
Shell of choice: fred the turtle's. :)
Skin of choice: soft <3
Favourite cartoon character: squidward, piplub!, gary the snail.
Personal Quote: "simehoo. it means i love you in muffy language."

tangled in my web of hurts
a mind of poison and gas
my thoughts clouded and spread thin into mist
doors locked in front of me, and i hold the key
but my eyes are blinded and its touch on my skin
just makes the ache worse
one by one i pass this corridor of rotting wood and splintered time
pacing back and forth, confused as to why i am trapped in this maze
the key begins to crumble in my wrinkled hand
time is fading and i am still pacing
when will my eyes open?
when will my hand grasp the power it always held?

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